Geary FFA Chapter – Planting Roots for Education

Geary FFA Chapter – Planting Roots for Education

The Geary Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter in Oklahoma has been around for a long time – originally a large farm-based community, with a program of 150 students just in the agriculture sector. Today, Geary FFA is much smaller with roughly 30 agricultural students. Of these students a majority are non-traditional agricultural students – individuals who may not have grown up with an agriculture background, nor been involved in agriculture prior to FFA. 

Kolton Shipley, advisor of Geary FFA Chapter, said, “I wanted to further engage my students in learning from agriculture outside of their comfort zones and expanding their knowledge. Brigham came to speak about Johnson Su Composting with my class and did a fantastic job. He accomplished everything that needed to be done to keep the students engaged with him. He helped them to grasp their knowledge, develop their interest but most of all intrigued them.” 

One student in particular was so intrigued, it sparked a light in them to continue their education onto a college bound route. “That student is a non-traditional agriculture student and has been involved here for two years. They have greatly expressed an interest in the biological side of things, revolved primarily around the bacterial and fungal in soil. They are not sure completely they would like to major in – but are very interested in a soil science or horticultural degree”, said Shipley. 

The FFA chapter has started a composting project for their horticulture classes, using their homemade composite extract for their farm bot system. In addition, they also are talking over some of the flower beds on the schools’ grounds and using their compost for work within those areas as well. 

“The amount of knowledge my students learned in their short time with Brigham, was amazing. Students kept talking about the discussions and what the learned about for weeks. Intriguing themselves to ponder about things and ask questions. Plus, a student that was not college bound is now speaking with advisors and setting herself up to further her education,” Shipley said. 

If your FFA chapter, 4-H club, or class is interested in a class on Johnson Su, contact Brigham at

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