Seed Treatment

Creates a biome around the seed to increase germination rates, consistency, and overall plant health in the early stages of growth.

HYPRgERM Yields More Potential

HYPRgERM is a Seed Treatment designed to increase germination rate and consistency. HYPRgERM promotes more root growth, plant vigor and stress tolerance. This all leads to more photosynthesis, larger stalks for increased nutrient flow, and larger root mass for a more robust rhizosphere to secrete root exudates and uptake water, minerals, and nutrients all of which equals more yield potential and more carbon cycling.

HYPRgERM is Easy to Apply

HYPRgERM is easily applied through either a commercial seed treater or during transfer of seed from Pro Box to Air Seeder/Planter.  HYPRgERM can be mixed with other seed treatments.

HYPRgERM Provides Immediate ROI

HYPRgERM provides an immediate ROI via the combination of increases in yield, test weight, protein (1-2 %), biomass, and carbon sequestration in addition to potential reduction in N fertilizer. We have seen up to $60+/acre ROI.

HYPRgERM Ingredients

HYPRgERM is made of all natural ingredients to help seeds germinate and emerge consistently promote root growth and make the plant more resilient to unpredictable conditions. A healthier start to life means a better chance to reach maturity and increased production.