Elevate'd Fungi

Fungal Liquid Microbial Inoculant

Elevate’d Fungi works as an microbial inoculant and fertilizer to promote plant growth.

What does it do?

Supplies beneficial microorganisms to soils and growing media; encourages vigorous root growth; allows plants to more effectively utilize nutrients; improves soil structure and porosity—creating a better plant root environment; improves moisture infiltration rates—reducing erosion and runoff; improves moisture holding capacity of light soils—reducing water loss and nutrient leaching, and improving moisture retention; improves the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soils; supplies organic matter; and aids the proliferation of soil microorganisms. 

Elevate’d Fungi introduces more than 90 different beneficial fungal species into an ecosystem to promote diversity of function and reach optimal benefit. These mycorrhizal and saprophytic fungal components work in a symbiotic relationship with other organisms to enhance the overall
root system. 

A larger, healthier root system will allow plants access to water and nutrients beyond the root zone and then deliver those nutrients to the plant via the common mycorrhizal and saprophytic networks. This exchange allows the plant to utilize nutrients like Nitrogen and Phosphorus more efficiently, retain more water, and increase overall health and heartiness. 

Elevate'd Fungi is Easy to Apply

Elevate’d Fungi is easily applied through the planter, sprayer, or airplane, or injected into pivot. 

Apply Elevate’d Fungi at a rate of 2 gallons per acre. 

May tank mix with fertilizers; check compatibility. Store out of direct sunlight under 100°F. Check compatibility before mixing with pesticides or fungicides.

Filter Size: 100 Mesh (149 Micron)