Producer Spotlight

Farmers and ranchers who are working with Elevate Ag are seeing results that speak for themselves. These real-life examples of the impact of employing regenerative soil techniques and products are not isolated incidents, they are seen in operation after operation. Soil microbiology is key to growing and grazing success. Review the data and you’ll see—healthy soil is built on biodiverse inputs, and healthy soil means outstanding plant health and increased yield on farm after farm.

Root Shoot Malting
Todd Olander

GrainSense proved to be what was needed to begin understanding quality before harvest. As well, GrainSense was used to create a quality assurance system within the Malting House, giving confidence to their customers in the materials being sourced.

Rod Lowe

3 Gal of HyprGrow was applied via foliar application. Increased plant health, unlocked held up Phosphorus in the soil giving confidence wheat crop would succeed. Organic oats increased yield by 3.5 ton/acre. 1 ton of organic oat silage= $60 for an ROI of $180/acre!

Simple Farms
Scott Scheimer

The team and I were very pleased with the GrainSense data and the ability to create a marketing plan before the combine was in the field. By using HyprGrow there was a direct decrease in Iron Chlorosis levels by maintaining pH and biological activity in the soil!

How Do You Measure Success?


ROI is a ratio between net profit and cost of investment.  By determining this figure we can be sure that an increase in yield actually made us money and not just bragging rights at the coffee shop!  

Knowing how to calculate return on investment is not as hard as it might seem.  In fact, just take a look below at how these producers are using simple tools to calculate their efficiency before and after harvest.  Contact us today to learn more about your ROI.

Same N Rate

We know that sometimes it's easier to add something to your agriculture program before you cut back on what has become second nature. Take a look at the results from a foliar application of HyprGrow on this field. The farmer continued using Nitrogen and saw a 12 bushel differential!

50% N Reduction

This particular field had multiple applications of HyprGrow and a reduction of Nitrogen by 50%. The owner felt excited with the results and was more than pleased with the 8:1 return on his investment! His goals are to continue to challenge the soil to produce more by using less synthetics in the future.

0% N Application

Lastly, when only using HyprGrow and manure we found the results were significantly better than an application of 100 lb. nitrogen! We know crops will always need carbon to grow. By providing it in the form of cover crops, biological residue and manure you can make the soil's secrets work for your operation, too!

Corn Data and Results

Corn - 8 Bushel Gain

This north central Kansas grower added 8 bushels/acre simply by adding HYPRgERM and AncorN.

Corn - HyprGrow adds 6 Bushels

This north Kansas grower saw a 6 bushel bump using HyprGrow versus a competing product.

Corn - HyprGrow adds 5 Bushels

This north central Kansas grower saw a 5 bushel bump using HyprGrow versus a competing product.

Corn - HyprGrow adds 8 Bushels

This northwest Kansas grower saw an 8 bushel bump using HyprGrow versus a competing product.

Wheat Data and Results

2021 Wheat Trial 1

During the spring of 2021, Elevate Ag and Ag360 set up multiple trial sites around Moundridge, Newton and Hesston, KS. In this particular trial, there were three different fertility plans within the same field.

2021 Wheat Trial 2

For this trial, we split a 60 acre winter wheat field. On each side, we treated with HyprGrow only (no fungicide). In the middle, we left one strip that was untreated. Within the untreated strip, a fungicide was used.

2021 Wheat Trial 3

Alva, OK - This farm system is a full conventional tillage operation but slowly transitioning to no-till on certain acres.

2020 Wheat Stats

2020 data collected by independent 3rd party & grain sense device.

Soybean Data and Results

2021 NC KS Soybeans - 12 BU Increase

This north central Kansas grower made $129 more per acre just by adding HyprGrow.

2021 NW KS Soybeans - 7 BU Increase

This northwestern Kansas grower saw a 7 bushel increase in his soybeans.

Rangeland Data and Results

Flint Hills KS - Increased Stocking Capacity

16 additional head were able to graze during the summer season. This yielded an additional profit of $1,165 or $21/acre.

East Central KS - Increased Stocking Capacity

26 additional head were able to graze during the summer season. This yielded an additional profit of $1,920 or $24/acre.

Southeast KS - Increased Stocking Capacity

25 additional head were able to graze during the summer season. This yielded an additional profit of $1,800 or $22.50/acre.