Soil Stimulant

Stimulates biology to support Carbon and Nitrogen cycling in the soil and increase photosynthesis.

HyprGrow Yields More Potential

HyprGrow is a Bio-Stimulant designed to stimulate plant and soil biology to increase biomass above and below ground. Larger leaves enable more photosynthesis, larger stalks allow for increased nutrient flow, and larger root mass allows for a more robust rhizosphere to secrete root exudates and uptake water, minerals and nutrients; all of which equals more yield potential and more carbon cycling.

HyprGrow is Easy to Apply

HyprGrow is easily applied through the planter, sprayer, irrigation, or airplane. HyprGrow is meant to be split applied and will make your herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides and other nutritional sprays more effective. Mixing with other inputs allows you to co-apply and reduce application passes.

HyprGrow Provides Immediate ROI

HyprGrow provides an immediate ROI via the combination of increases in yield, test weight, protein (1-2 %), biomass, and carbon sequestration in addition to potential reduction in N fertilizer. We have seen up to $25+/acre ROI.

HyprGrow Ingredients

HyprGrow is made of all natural ingredients to help the fungal/bacterial balance in the soil and provide the nutrition needed for the mycorrhizae to best benefit the plant. Plants can’t take up nutrients without them.