Nutrient Recycler

Are you spending hundreds of dollars on inputs that ultimately get tied-up in your soil.

HyprCycle works for you to recycle those nutrients into plant available forms!

HyprCycle Provides Immediate Benefits

HyprCycle is intended to prime the soil prior to planting or assist with residue breakdown after harvest. This dynamic stimulant is going to give your soil the tools it needs to unlock tied-up nutrients and recycle them into plant available forms.

HyprCycle has been known to quickly bring back earthworm populations to soils where they have been absent for extended periods of time.

*HyprCycle is currently in the OMRI approval process.

HyprCycle is Easy to Apply

HyprCycle is easily applied through the planter, sprayer, irrigation, or airplane. HyprCycle is meant to be split applied and will make your herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides, and other nutritional sprays more effective. Mixing with other inputs allows you to co-apply and reduce application passes.

HyprCycle Ingredients

HyprCycle allows you to get the most out of your added inputs.

Elevate’d Fungi

Carbon Source

Fast-Acting Microbe Food Source

Long-Acting Microbe Food Source