Fish Force

Soil Stimulant

Concentrated whole saltwater
fish fermentation. 

What does it do?

Fish Force (2-3-0) is GMO-free, MRI Listed natural source of highly concentrated whole saltwater fish fermentation solubles and beneficial bacterial microbes that work synergistically to increase a plant’s resistance to pathogen invasion through high-speed seamless colonization of the soil and plant microbiomes. The product is suitable for organic and non– organic cultural practices. Specific microbes and ingredients in the Fish Force(2-3-0) are adversely impacted by soils that contain residue from the active ingredients and surfactants that are part of some pesticides. Similarly the use of fungicidal products may hinder the performance of this product.

Fish Force is Easy to Apply

Fish Force (2-3-0) is suitable for adding to the seed furrow and broadcast soil or foliar applications. Compatibility with other fertilizers or other spray materials should always be checked using a jar test.

The suggested use rate for in-furrow is one 1-3 quarts/acre in 30-inch rows.

The suggested bare soil or crop residue broadcast rate is 2-4 quarts/acre in a minimum of 10 gallons of water/acre. The suggested foliar rate is 0.5-4 quarts/acre in a minimum of 10 gallons of water/acre.

Do NOT exceed 4 quarts/acre in 10 gallons of water per acre in foliar applications to avoid possible phytotoxicity. Use twinjet flat fan tips equipped with strainers sized according to the tip delivery rate.